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Mix of BL460G6 and BL460G7 with FlexFabric capabilities

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Mix of BL460G6 and BL460G7 with FlexFabric capabilities

Ramu had a configuration question:




A requirement calls for installing BL460cG6 and BL460cG7 in a same enclosure with VC FlexFabric modules. Can we create FCoE connections and Ethernet connections for BL460cG7 servers & Ethernet connections for BL460cG6 servers.


I feel logically it should work, any inputs?




From Dave:

                When using FCoE or iSCSI on G7 and FlexFabric, the FCoE or iSCSI will always be configured on the ‘b’ ports(1b – 2b). They will need to be configured in the FCoE or iSCSI sections below the Ethernet ports in the profile. This will leave 6 available ports to configure for Ethernet(1a, 2a, 1c, 2c, 1d & 2d).


                The ‘b’ ports will not show up or will not be available as Ethernet ports in the profile. The G6 servers will only have the 6 Ethernet ports and will not use the ‘b’ ports as it is not a CNA LOM.


From Dan:

Huh?  Using the b ports on G7 as iSCSI/FCoE/Ethernet is a determination made on a blade by blade basis.


You cannot have a BL460 G7 with 1 iSCSI and 1 FCoE, but you can have Server1 using iSCSI and Server2 Using FCoE

As for the G6s, since they don’t have the FCoE or iSCSI function, they will most definitely show all 8 FlexNICs as Ethernet devices.


So yes, you can mix and match, but you will only get iSCSI-HW/FCoE with the G7s.




Any other comments for Ramu?