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Mixing BL460cG7 and BL2x 220G7 in same enclosure .. Is there any limitation?

Trusted Contributor

Mixing BL460cG7 and BL2x 220G7 in same enclosure .. Is there any limitation?

Phunsak had a blade mixing question:




Hello all,


Is it a good idea to mix BL460G7 and BL2x220G7 in same enclosure?  I heard nthe BL2x220G7 was designed  for HPC environment only .

But I have case that have to do this unless one more enclosure will be added that will effect with customer budget ,


Below is my solution


-          1x c7000 enclosure with 2 units of Cisco 3020 Switch will be installed in interconnect Bay 1 and 2

-          4 units of 2x220 G7 server

-          6 units of BL460G7 server and 2 units of BL460G7+SB 40c


Question ?

Is this valid configuration ? or

Is there any limitation that I will face if we go with this configuration ?


Any feedback is welcome.




Rob replied:




At a minimum, you need to be careful with the Interconnect Modules and port mappings.

If you need to be redundant with the BL2x220’s, you’ll need to put in an additional pair of Network modules in bay 3 & 4.




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