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Mixing G5, G6, Gen8 blades in the same enclosure

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Mixing G5, G6, Gen8 blades in the same enclosure

Customer quesiton from Alexander:




My customer is having issue with remote access to BL460c G5 blades in mixing environment:

-          Enclosure c 7000

-          OA ver. 4.21

-          BL460c G5, BL460c G6, BL460c Gen8 in this enclosure

-          iLO 2.25 on BL460c G5


Sometimes customer may not have access to BL460c G5 servers via iLO.


Maybe it is known issue and particular combination of OA/iLO firmware is recommended?



Thanks in advance,




Input from Chris:

Is there any ability to use HP SUM(latest version 6.4.1) to inventory their config.    OA 4.12 is the most recent OA version. 

This might help give you some ideas


Also from Jason:

If you use HP SUM and add the OA node, it defaults to add associated nodes.  It should use temporary credentials from the OA to login and inventory each iLO.  If there is a system communication problem between OA and iLO that prevents manually opening iLO from the OA, then it might also affect HP SUM.


The recommendation for OA vs. iLO versions would be to match an SPP release.  The combinations that come out in a SPP have had extensive testing together.




Other help for Alexander?