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Mixing the old Blade workstation with new Blade Workstation in the same enclosure

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Mixing the old Blade workstation with new Blade Workstation in the same enclosure

Usha was looking for help:




I have a customer who got old xw460c Blade workstations in c7000 enclosure with old OA, VC firmware.  Right now OA has 2.20 FW.

Customer recently bought new WS460c G6 blade workstations.  They want to add new WS460c G6 workstations to the old c7000 enclosure.


Old xw460c Blade workstations are not compatible with new OA and VC firmware.  New WS460c G6 workstations are not compatible with old OA and VC firmware.


How can I resolve this issue?  If anyone faced this issue please give me guidance how they resolved this issue.




Help from Eduardo:




The cooling of the workstation is different (because of the graphics card) and there was a minimum OA version for WS blade support. That said, the newer OA v3.32 should support xw460c (older workstation).


Below is a rev history of OA with regards to WS blades.


  • OA 3.21 required for WS460c G6 to fix issues
  • OA 3.00 fixed xw460c G6 (typo?) HP part number display issue
  • OA 2.60 added WS460c G6 support
  • OA 2.31 supports xw460c plus xw2x220c blade workstations
  • OA 2.25 fixed xw460c workstation blade power sequence issue with Graphics Expansion partner blade



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