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Monitoring health of Fusion I/O cards

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Monitoring health of Fusion I/O cards

Joe was looking to help a customer:




A customer is deploying DL580s and DL980s with Fusion IO cards.  They are asking “How do we monitor FIO cards that are sick but not dead?” and “What monitoring tools are available for FIO cards in general?”




Input from Hoa:

HP IO Accelerator Version 3.2.3 Windows User Guide page 29-31 how-to SNMP, monitoring Fusion IO Health page 54.


And some help from Ed and the Fusion guys:

We have a tool called ioSphere ( that lets you monitor all of the drives out in your enterprise from a single pane of glass.  The tool is pretty slick, it will do performance monitoring, health monitoring, warranty forecasting, etc..  For the windows version the HP file name is  You can download different versions of the tool depending on your OS, for the Windows version you can download it as well as the HP io accelerator software at:


We also have versions for ESXi and Linux which can be downloaded from HP’s site.




Any other help or suggestions?