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Move a BL870C i2 to odd configuration from even

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Move a BL870C i2 to odd configuration from even

Rod had a reconfiguration question:




Can anyone advise what needs to be done to reconfigure a BL870ci2 which was ordered as a “even” slot config to a “odd” slot config?


Need to move it from slot 2/3 over to slot 1/2 . Is there actually anything to be done? I am assuming that there is.


Moving from this config:




To this config:






John replied:




The current configuration you have allows the BL870 to access the storage Blade, which I assume your customer doesn’t want any longer.  To allow the BL460 access to the storage Blade you do need to move the BL870.  What you will need is different Blade Link.  The one you currently have is designed to span the sheet metal partition and is a bit longer than the one used in the odd/even setup.  The only way to configure a storage Blade with the BL870c i2 is to start in an even slot as you have now, and presumably this was the desire at the time the BL870 was ordered.  The Quickspec should list the Blade Link details.




Any other comments or suggestions??

David Rabahy
Occasional Contributor

Re: Move a BL870C i2 to odd configuration from even

Per BL870c i2 Quickspec, the part required is AM358A