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NC532M Mezzanine Card and windows 2008 R2 Core

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NC532M Mezzanine Card and windows 2008 R2 Core

We're having an on going issue with the HP NC532M mezzanine card. We have this card on two BL460c G6 blades running Hyper-V. The card shows as operating correctly in BIOS, the Hyper-V Host, SVCMM, Hyper- V Manager, and the VM's themselves, but there is no network activity over them (they show packets sending but not receiving). The HP 1GB pass-thru switch shows connectivity also (activity light when sending packets and a solid link light). We've worked with HP on drivers, firmware, and even replacing the pass-thru switch and NIC's themselves but no luck. We've installed Windows 2008 R2 Core and Hyper-V over and over and in just about every combination with HP drivers. Has anyone else had any success with this Mezzanine card with Windows 2008 R2 ?


Also, we've tried the card in slot 1 and two on the BL460C , same results.


Re: NC532M Mezzanine Card and windows 2008 R2 Core



It is a strange behavior when all the options tried out from hardware point of view, would suggest to look at the network configuration settings front, if there is any kind of issues on core switch eg: VLAN tagging


Few Notes to highlight:

NOTE: The NC532m network adapter card is required for each server blade connecting to a 10Gb interconnect in bays 3-8 (HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure) or bays 3-4 (HP BladeSystem c3000 Enclosure)

NOTE: The NC532m requires a minimum of 2 GB of server memory.

NOTE: The NC532m supports linking only at 1000Mbps or 10000Mbps when not connected to the HP Virtual Connect Flex-10 Ethernet Module.




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Re: NC532M Mezzanine Card and windows 2008 R2 Core

I also wondered about the VLAN issue. We've tried this on two different switch brands with the same result. You can actually see the packets for the DHCP request being sent but they seem to just go nowhere, which a VLAN issue might cause even though we do not use VLAN's.


Right now the 1GB Pass-Thru module is in Bay 2 on the C3000 and the mezzanine cards are being used in slot 1 on the BL460C. Earlier in our attempts to get this working HP support had us try moving the cards to slot 2 and moving the pass-thru module to bay 3 or 4 (can't remember which it was) but it still did'nt work.