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NC553i CNA iSCSI timeout settings

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NC553i CNA iSCSI timeout settings

We have a few BL460c G7s which are using a couple of NC553i “functions” as iSCSI HBAs.  I need to configure the “NodeTimeOut” and/or the “LinkTimeOut” to 60 seconds, to survive long controller failovers on our SAN.  From everything I’ve read, the defaults for these are 30 seconds.


It sounds like such a simple thing, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how/where to change these settings.  I’ve looked everywhere in the OCManager GUI, and also the “hbacmd.exe” options, but am finding nothing on either setting.  When researching this online, I see many screenshots for the settings, but the GUIs are different from ours.


I've just gone through the Emulex OneCommand Manager user manual, and it talks about the ability to change host driver parameters.  However, there is a note that reads "If there are no discovered FC or FCoE adapters, the entire Host Driver Parameters tab is grayed-out. This occurs because there are no adapters to which the host driver parameters apply."  Indeed, we are not using FC or FCoE personalities - only 10Gb Ethernet and iSCSI.


Does this mean iSCSI timeout settings cannot be changed?  Surely not, but I'm finding no answers :|