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NICs cannot be deleted from Windows OS , after removal in the blade profile

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NICs cannot be deleted from Windows OS , after removal in the blade profile

Erik was looking for some help with a customer issue:




A customer sees next behaviour in VC.

VC is configured with 6 NICs but still Windows 2012 remains to be displaying 8 NICS (despite delete and rescan).

Is this normal process or how can this be resolved ?


For deleting, customer first deleted the team that contained those connections.

Than shut down the server, adapted the profile and rebooted the server.


This is the VC profile :




Only 6 connections.

There were 8 connections, but two were deleted (no longer needed).


But they still appear in windows.





In device manager they appear with the same names as other connections.




Here I can uninstall them,

But they re-appear after a ‘scan for hardware changes’ or a reboot






Info from Hitendra:




This is normal  behavior. The HP 554FLB is a FlexFabric adapter which will enable HP Flex-10 capability. When Flex-10-enabled 10Gb NICs are connected to an HP Virtual Connect Flex-10 10Gb Ethernet Module or HP Virtual Connect Flex-10/10D  Module, each NIC port will be subdivided in up to 4 individual NIC's which are recognized by the Server ROM as PCI Physical Function devices.


So If there is no ISCSI / FCoE connection presented in the server profile then in that scenario the OS would detect the physical functions as 8 individual NICs and you may see total 8 NICs detected in Windows device manager / network property


If the FlexNIC doesn’t have any Vnet assigned / not created in the Ethernet connection in server profile then the NIC would get detected in the OS with the connectivity status ‘unplugged’ as you have highlighted  below


Hope this helps




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Re: NICs cannot be deleted from Windows OS , after removal in the blade profile

This is a normal situation,


you can simply disable the interface in OS, so its not triggered your system management homepage.


In VC when in a profile the NIC is created is will always visible in the O.S, till this interface is removed in the profile.


When the interface is not attached to a network/vlan is will shown disconnected in the O.S.


you can do 2 things.


1. Disable the NIC in the O.S. so it will not trigger your SMH

2. Remove the interface in the VC profile, so the interfaces will removed in the O.S.


Please note you can only remove the latest interface downside up.


NEVER remove your hole VC Server Profile, a new profile will replace your WWN and MAC (if configured as VC defined)