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NVIDIA graffic card on blades with Windows 2008

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NVIDIA graffic card on blades with Windows 2008

Avner was looking to help a customer with a graffics card:




Hello all

Customer need a VGA card to run his application on windows 2008, and run it on a blade.

I can offer him a WS460G6 with NVIDIA Quadro FX880M but it is not supported with 2008.

I can offer him a BL460G6 with Win 2008 but the NVIDIA Quadro FX880M is not supported.


Do we have any solution?




Eirik replied:




You could perhaps run a PCI-expansion blade then ? With a stand alone PCI-express card in it connected to a blade.


However, I’m guessing FX880M will work with 2008, even though it is not supported.




Ed joined in:




Yes NVIDIA win 7 drivers do work for 2008.


Kind regards,




Any experience in doing this? Comments or suggestions?