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Re: NVMe Mirroring

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NVMe Mirroring

Hi All, 


does anybody have experience with NVMe irroring on Windows 2012 and Windows 2016 ? 

Are there any guidelines available ? 

Thank you 

Thank you
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Re: NVMe Mirroring

Bit of a necro post but I've managed to make it work with a pair of NVMe's

You have to run Windows native RAID, the link is for Windows 10 but it's the same proceedure for Server 2012 + 16

Catch is the HP NVMe's will immediately fail creating the RAID and give the error "Failed Redundancy". That's because of a fault in the built-in Windows driver, you have to run the OEM driver to make this work. Of course HP doesn't have the download link available... but under the hood it's probably an Intel NMVe, or at least mine were.

Download the driver from