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Need ESX 4.0 U2 HP Media for G7 blade drivers

Trusted Contributor

Need ESX 4.0 U2 HP Media for G7 blade drivers

Joe needed some G7 drivers for VMware ESX:




Can anyone send me the link for ESX 4.0 U2 with the G7 drivers in place for Blades?  I think I can find ESXi4.0 but not straight up ESX4.0  plain, U1 or U2.  Need the drives and libraries included.




Dave replied:




Here are the sites I use:


HP ESX ISO Download

HP ESXi ISO Download




Dan also commented:




FYI, when you go to download ESXi (after "Receive for Free" button) you will be given a choice of what to download and we list numerous versions on that page.

4.0 base to 4.0 U3

4.1 base to 4.1 U1


4.0 U3 released in May 2011

4.1 U1 refreshed in April 2011 (there was a previous Feb release)


If you select multiple versions (CTRL+Click) on the first screen with your address and license agreement boxes, you can then download any/all versions you selected on the next screen. Click on it up top and the download link appears on the bottom.




Other comments or help? What do you use for VMware downloads?