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New Emulex firmware upgrade ISO 4.0.360.15b on

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New Emulex firmware upgrade ISO 4.0.360.15b on

Some info on the latest Emulex driver release:




From Hongjun:





Last week HP released firmware 4.0.360.15b to This firmware addresses the issue discussed in the customer advisory below.


For customers impacted with this issue it is important that they use the 4.0.360.15b firmware image available on (link below) to upgrade any bl460c G7 blade servers that is or has experienced this issue.


Please note: Inside this 4.0.360.15b installer package, it’s still the 4.0.360.15 firmware. It was rev’ed up from 15a to include the fixes to the installer to solve the issues listed in the CA.




Also info from Chris:




I would also add that if anyone sees a letter after the revision number it always means the installer or components with the installer (NOT THE FIRMWARE PACAKGE) has been updated.  We went through this exercise way back in the G6 days when the Power Management Controller (PMC) update components.




Any questions or comments?