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New Firware update CD available.

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New Firware update CD available.

Joe wanted to know when the next Firmware Release Set was going to be available:



When is the next release of the FW Release Set scheduled to be posted on HP.COM?



Michael provided valuable info:



  The new replacement for the Firmware CD, FDT and BladeSystem Bundles is now available on the web.  The new replacement is called the Smart Update Firmware DVD v9.00.  We have combined the functionality of all three of the previous deliverables into a single DVD ISO.


  • If you boot from the DVD ISO image and do nothing, 30 seconds later it will boot into automatic mode and update firmware just like the FDT. 
  • If you select the interactive mode during the 30 second period, it runs like the Firmware CD used to.  
  • If you use it online, you will see the BladeSystem bundles as was available in the older BladeSystem bundles
  • We’ve ensured the new DVD is bootable by PXE and iLO Virtual Media as the previous different deliverables were able to do. 
  • There is now a new USB Key Creator v1.50 that will allow the DVD to be placed on a USB key along with SmartStart.  This allows new components to be added by simply dropping them in the \hp\swpackages directory even for FDT mode.  That’s not a typo, we changed the directory where the firmware is located from \compaq\swpackages to \hp\swpackages finally.


The new release set, called 2010.03, is part of the Smart Update Firmware DVD ISO contents along with a bundle for regular ML/DL servers (sorry 100 series isn’t there yet).


I’ve attached a preliminary version of the updated BladeSystem Firmware Best Practices Overview document that is still in editing to help with the changeover to the new DVD.  A final version should be out soon.


If anyone is looking for the direct download link:


Take a look at let us know when you have tried the latest updates.