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New to BladeSystem and need help with Fiber Channel/ 8/12c San Switch

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New to BladeSystem and need help with Fiber Channel/ 8/12c San Switch

Hi All,

           First off let me say I'm totally new to BladeSystem and Fiber Channel, so apologies for the beginners questions. I've received a C3000 enclosure, P2000 Array, 2x BL460c Gen-8 servers, 8/12c SAN Switch and the GbE2c Switch. San and Ethernet switches were factory installed.


I've got everything wired up, Switch configured, and Windows etc setup on the blades. But I've hit the wall with the Fiber Channel. The blades have the QLogic 2572 dual port adapters installed, detected and updated.  I can connect to the 8/12c switch Web Tools GUI (have not tried console), which is showing the P2000, but none of the blades are visible and all internal ports are down.


I've done no configuration on any server or the SAN switch, so it would appear that either something isn't working, or I need to configure it to do something! Port Mapping in OA for the SAN switch shows no assigned ports. There appears to be license keys installed alreadyfor 8 Gig FC, Fabric and Enhanced Group Management, but Expiry/Consumed Slot is showing NA, so I'm not sure if these are valid or not?


I'm basically trying to connect these blades to the enclouse and build 2 arrays for each blade. Each array will be specific to a blade server and does not need to be shared.  



Can someone point me in the direction of a 'how to' to get this done or offer some guidance? As I said I have pretty much no FC experience.




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Re: New to BladeSystem and need help with Fiber Channel/ 8/12c San Switch

Good News Everyone! (for the Futurama fans)


I got this figured out. The SAN switch came factory installed in Bay 3. If your FC mezzanine cards on the blades are in slot 1, the SAN switch needs to be installed into Interconnect Bay 2 if you're using a C3000. Here's the support document that helped me figure it out: