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No Display after installing 32GB Module on BL680c G7 server

Trusted Contributor

No Display after installing 32GB Module on BL680c G7 server

Abdul was looking to solve a server problem:




I am trying to install 32GB modules on BL680C G7 server, but no display and it shows health indicators in red color.


Tried below combinations

32 GB x 32 Module as per the guidelines with 4 CPU

32 GB x16 Module as per the guidelines with 4 CPU

32 GB x8 Module  as per the guideline with 4 CPU



Memory part number :- 627814-B21,  628975-081.




Input from Radi:

The modules are just not supported for the machine according to the latest quickspecks from 10th  of June 2014.


And from Todor:

@Radi – the quickspecs that you’re referring to are for a BL685c G7 server, whereas customer is trying the DIMMs out on a BL680c G7.

627814-b21 are fully supported (actually the only 32GB ones supported) for BL680c G7, so this indeed might be a HW problem.


@Abdul: I recommend you do the following:


-         Check if the latest BIOS version is installed on the server

-         Perform a server bay reset via OA CLI when entering: reset server x, where x is the bay number where the blade is installed

-         Test each individual DIMM in the minimal HW configuration as per the QuickSpecs of the blade: leave only CPUs 1 and 2 with 2 DIMMs for each CPU (slots 4A and 5A for each CPU) to rule out DIMM problems, since even if only 1 single DIMM has failed, that may cause the whole Blade to be unresponsive (especially if the BIOS of the blade is not up-to-date – personal experience)


Please let us know the results afterwards.




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