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Noob question -- upgrading Gen8 BL465c with second proc

Mark Fenton
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Noob question -- upgrading Gen8 BL465c with second proc

Obvious how the sucker is supposed to slip into the socket (notches fore and aft, handy triangle marking which matches the gold triangle on the front corner of the carrier), but it appears to sit rather too high for the retaining bracket to close fully -- the instructions say the locking lever should "close without resistance", but it would take quite a bit of force to get the bracket to fit all the way down over the chip, the metal lip of which stands a little more than a millimeter above the plastic part of the package.


My previous experience in installing CPUs was way back in the P4 days with honest-to-God sockets with holes for the pins to go in. This contacts sitting on pins design is newish to me, and looks to be rather prone to damaging either the main board. I really don't want to buy a second main board, having trashed the first by over-zealous attempts at installing a CPU.


Anyone here have pointers / experience performing this task?

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Re: Noob question -- upgrading Gen8 BL465c with second proc

If the notches and the triangle are all correctly positioned, it sounds to me that the CPU should be in the correct position.

But attaching a photo would help.


The hinge of the retaining bracket should have some "play": if the hinge is sticking, the hinged side of the bracket may go lower than intended, causing the opposite side of the bracket to remain too high.The lip of the bracket should go nicely under the shaft of the locking lever, so the locking lever can begin to close without resistance. The bracket should settle on the CPU essentially in an even, horizontal position at this point - if it is visibly crooked, it is not positioned correctly.


Towards the end of the travel of the locking lever, some minor resistance may be encountered, as the bracket should slightly press the CPU down to the socket, ensuring that the CPU will stay put while the heatsink is installed.


The Services Media Library contains a video of the BL465c Gen8 CPU installation and removal:


1.) select "BladeSystem" as the Product Category

2.) select "HP ProLiant BL server blades" as the Product Family

3.) select "HP ProLiant BL 465c Gen8 Server series" as the Product Series

4.) select "Remove/Replace videos"

5.) in a pop-up window, select "Heat sink and processor".


Yes, I also think the modern CPU sockets are a miracle of modern engineering optimization: they fulfill their purpose and nothing else. Compared to these, the P4-era and older sockets seem positively overengineered.

Mark Fenton
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Re: Noob question -- upgrading Gen8 BL465c with second proc

The video is fine as far as it goes, but my miliage still appears to vary. The attached are probably not the best, but I think illustrate that the package seems to sit rather higher than it ought.