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One Connect for iSCSI HBA on G7s

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One Connect for iSCSI HBA on G7s

Chris was looking for Emulex info:




Where do we find the One Connect software to configure the iSCSI HBAs on G7 blades running 2008 R2. The blade download pages lists One Connect but for Fibre Channel (FC).

Is the FC version also for iSCSI? The Emulex page links to an HP propaganda page without links to drivers or utilities.

I know with ESX you select the iSCSI HBA and hit properties to configure. The iSCSI HBA can also be configure from its Nic bios setting, but there has to be an easier way.




Some info from Scott:




This may help. I went through this with a customer recently.


And of course the Utils and Binaries are there as well (Below is 460G7 RHEL5 specific);





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