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P712m and SATA data cable to short to connect to SSD drive

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P712m and SATA data cable to short to connect to SSD drive

Jeroen wanted to provide some info on an issue that has come up regarding the cable length when using the P712m Array Controller and Solid State Drives:



Howdy Folks,


Some of you have observed the issue that you need a longer SATA cable to connect the SSD drives to the P712m controller. This is all depending on the mezz. slot location of the P712m and where the SSD drive is placed. For a dual SSD drive configuration you might need sometimes 1 new and 1 old SATA cable.
You just need to make sure that when you order the cable that you ask if the supply chain stock in your region has been purged of the older, shorter cables. This has not always been the case.

The following document that I made will help you further on this:

This document will show up in a few days on as well so external customers can find it when needed.




We are seeing more and more SSD useage. Is your company going to use this technology? Let us know what you need.