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PXE boot over vLAN on Bl460c G7

Occasional Contributor

PXE boot over vLAN on Bl460c G7

Our network dept. made some changes so we now need to use a tagged vLAN for our servers. So good so far. In our ESX hosts I am able to define the vLAN ID for this network when the OS is installed. But...


When I need to install a new OS on a blade server over PXE the server cannot locate the DHCP/ proxyDHCP.  


• I have read a lot about G7 had some issues with PXE, but I am running latest firmware on the network adapters (Legacy_OneConnect-Flash-10.2.340.22).


• (ctrl+s during boot) Set the network to vLAN enabled, defined the vLAN ID. (also being able to receive an IP address.)


Any ideas why I cannot boot over PXE, which settings have I forgotten? - I have an old G1 server in the enclosure where it works perfect.



Occasional Contributor

Re: PXE boot over vLAN on Bl460c G7

well, I finally managed to boot through PXE, but for some reason it is not able to connect to anything on this network. Its like it is connected to the vLAN but not quite connected.


the PXE server is the same server I am trying to retrieve a file from, but it cannot locate it. When I enter a command line and try to ping this server it fails. But how can PXE work then?


On the attached image I am trying to install ubuntu, I get an IP address on eth1, but cannot ping anything and the network card seems to be down. ?


What setting on the network card/ other setting am I missing.