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Pay attention, dangerous Service Pack for ProLiant


Pay attention, dangerous Service Pack for ProLiant

Good day, colleagues.


HP support recommends to me to update some firmwares in my blade environment. For test at first I decided to update only one enclosure c7000 G2 with seven servers: 3 ESXi hosts and 4 Windows/Linux.

I updated ESXi hosts BIOS via iLO (new feature in 1.30 version). After that servers are OK.


Then I updated the same BIOS  for other hosts by Service Pack for ProLiant. Reboot - and all these servers became "bricks".  Their behavior was same:…6444892.492883150

But I have BL servers, not DL!


SPP was on one from these servers, therefore, I think the network doesn't link with the trouble.


After that I updated problem servers BIOS via iLO also - servers became alive.


Maybe, there are problems with SPP?

Servers are: HP BL460c Gen8, old BIOS is 2012.12.14, new BIOS is 2013.09.18.

SPP is 2013.09.0.


P.S. This thread has been moved from Servers>General to HP BladeSystem Server Blades. -HP Forum Moderator

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Re: Pay attention, dangerous Service Pack for ProLiant


Re: Pay attention, dangerous Service Pack for ProLiant

No, I didn't see this advisory. Thanks. It's my fault.
But it seems to me that I tried to shut down and after to shut up the problem servers and I had no success... However, I am not sure.

But when I updated this BIOS via iLO directly it didn't need for cold reboot exactly.