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Performance Improvement Best Practices

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Performance Improvement Best Practices

Ankur was looking for some performance advice:




Hi Team,


We recently came across an interesting situation.We moved the MS-SQL databases from windows server 2003 32 bit (BL685c G1) to windows server 2008 r2 (BL685c G1)64 bit.Instead of gaining performance ,the performance of the sql queries degraded considerably  .We disabled power management at the BIOS level and  changed the power plan on windows 2008 R2 server from balanced to high performance and the sql queries started performing a lot  better than the old environment. Has anybody else come accross a situation like this?Any shared experience or knowledge in regards to this is highly appreciated.





Mark and Lee suggested looking at an HP whitepaper on the subject:




We saw this in TPCC for the Proliant DL980 G7, and have a whitepaper which recommends going to High Performance Power Plan, and OS Control Mode.


Of course, for normal workloads, it may be more suitable to be default, but high performance workloads need to squeeze every transaction out.


  Configuring the HP ProLiant Server BIOS for Low-Latency Applications White Paper (151.9KB, PDF)




Hope this helps. Any other experiences you may have in this area please let us know.