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Power Management Controller (PMC) showing as "Not Available:

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Power Management Controller (PMC) showing as "Not Available:

Allan was having an issue with some blades:




I’m looking to see if anyone has seen this message before and if so what was the fix?



7 New (actual remarketed Blades) BL460c G6 Blades were installed in an Enclosure.

Both the Show All Excel output and the Rack Firmware GUI show the PMC Version on one blade only  as: Power Management Controller Version: Not Available.


I appreciate any feedback.




Questions from Dave:

 Have the ‘new’ blades been powered on?

PMC will not display until powered on.


What version is the OA?

If it is to old it may have issues reading the G6 blades or the G6 blades may need to be updated.


Does it show the iLO and ROMBIOS versions?


What are they at?


Has the site tried running any SPP on the blades?


Maybe a ‘showall’ from the enclosure?


Input from Mike:

There are a few known issues  with the PMC in the blade that could be in play here, I would reference this doc which covers most of them –




Comments or help?