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ProCurve Series 6120 Switches configuration problem.....

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ProCurve Series 6120 Switches configuration problem.....



I am struggling to configure my ProCurve Series 6120 Switch. In my chasis I have 2 such switches with 4 uplink ports each. Each blade server has 4 NIC, 2 coming from one switch and another 2 coming from another switch. Now what I have done is I have teamed 2 network cards each from different switch in order to provide HA.


But my configuration is not working as required. When I unplug any cable from the 2 switches it results in network failure in all the servers. Even when one of my switch is connected to uplink port. When I replug the cable the desired configuration works without any problem.


I have configured all the NIC in trunk mode so that they can carry different VLAN. At the same time I have put all the NIC's and uplink ports in trunk group trk1. Please help in how should I configure both of my switches in order to provide me desired HA configuration.