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ProLiant BIOS question

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ProLiant BIOS question

When a ProLiant powers up and tries to boot, if it does not find bootable media it goes into a loop:


Powerup >>> init CPU, RAM, etc >>> init HBAs, Arrays, NICs, etc >>> F9/F10 prompt >>> attempt boot >>> non-system disk >>> system will automatically reboot in 5 seconds >>> BACK TO F9/F10 PROMPT >>> LOOP FOREVER...


How do I get a server to reset the PCI bus or force a rescan of HBAs during this loop?


It seems it will try to boot from USB, NIC, C drive, optical, etc. forever but only tries to initialize HBAs ONE TIME.


In this case, the HBA is a Qlogic Fibre Channel card.



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Re: ProLiant BIOS question

You neglect to specify what type of ProLiant server you have, but try to access the ROM Based Setup (BIOS Setup) and look where you can specify a "Primary Boot Controller" and select your card.



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Re: ProLiant BIOS question

Just reset the server.
The HBA scans for available LUNs during POST but if none are found, then there is no disk to rescan.
So you need to reboot the entire server and let it go through POST again.