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ProLiant BL680c G5 BIOS & Windows Clock DeSynchronization

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ProLiant BL680c G5 BIOS & Windows Clock DeSynchronization


My bussines is using a Bladesystem where one of the blades, a ProLiant BL680c G5, is being used to run a Windows 2003 Server Enterprise 64 bit SP2 R2 with SQL Server 2005 Standard 64 bit SP3, all fully updated.

This servers Operating System TimeZone, Date and Time are correctly configured and the time synchronizes against another server every day at 06:00 AM.

What calls my attention is that the server is going out of sync about 1 second per minute during the whole day until it synchronizes the system at 06:00 AM the next day.

I've checked and both (The O.S. and BIOS clock) are going out of sync.

¿What could be the problem here? 
Thanks in advance. 


Attached images from the configuration:








PD: Sorry for my poor English, im from Argentina.