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ProLiant blades with Intel Ivy and Sandy Bridge processors

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ProLiant blades with Intel Ivy and Sandy Bridge processors

Question from a customer Gil is working with:




My question is in regards to using BL460Gen8 servers with Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge CPUs in a common c7000 chassis.


I have a customer who is asking these "just in case" type of questions so I'm asking for any feedback along these lines you may have experienced.


"Are there any compatibility issues or considerations related to using blades with both of these processors in the same chassis?"




Input from Dan:




The only thing you would even need to discuss with them is firmware.

Ivy blades require newer firmware on the blade side, so if you are sticking strictly to SPP baselines, then you would want to upgrade the Sandy blades to whatever SPP baseline the Ivy blades are running, and then of course the OA and VC as well.


From a vSphere point of view, you can also mix the two but should set the EVC mode on the Cluster to Sandy before introducing the Ivy blades.




Other comments?