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Proliant Smart Array Controller Data Scrubbing

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Proliant Smart Array Controller Data Scrubbing



Vinoth asked for clarification on data scrubbing:




Hello Team,


I just want to know how frequent the  Scrubbing /parity consistency check happened in smart array controller?


If there is a bad sector on the drive which has Unrecoverable Read Error (even with ECC) , my assumption is that the array controller will regenerate the data for the bad block to fulfill the read request.  

Please confirm is this assumption is right.




Hiroyuki responded with a brief answer and additional resources:




Please see this whitepaper.

I think surface scan will be run after no I/O in 3 seconds by default and you can change it.


HP Smart Array controller technology



Dynamic sector repair:


Disk drive media can develop defects caused by variances in the drive mechanisms under normal operating conditions. To protect data from media defects, HP built a dynamic sector repair feature into Smart Array controllers.


Smart Array controllers perform a background surface analysis during inactive periods, continually scanning all drives for media defects. Smart Array controllers can also detect media defects when accessing a bad sector during busy periods. If a Smart Array controller finds a recoverable media defect, the controller automatically remaps the bad sector to a reserve area on the disk drive. If the controller finds an unrecoverable media defect and you have configured a fault-tolerant logical drive, the controller automatically regenerates the data and writes it to the remapped reserved area on the disk drive.




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