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QMH2562 HBA: Boot From SAN (BfS) question

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QMH2562 HBA: Boot From SAN (BfS) question

Justo had a customer BFS question:




I have a customer that is having problems with the QMH2562 HBA and Virtual Connect.  The basic question is whether or not it support boot from SAN on port 2 and if so, what needs to happen to make it work? 




Good info from Michael:




Both ports can be used to BFS.  The best way to configure this is in the server profile.  In the profile near the HBA ports, you put a check in the box marked “Fibre Channel Boot Parameters” This opens up a new section in the interface where you specify the target port and LUN and in that interface you can select which port should be primary and which port should be secondary.  During boot, it attempts to use the one you selected as primary and if no connection can be made for any reason on the primary port (whether module is down, cable is down, SAN switch is down, SAN controller port is down, etc…) it will then use the port marked as secondary.


If you do not configure it in the VC server profile, then you have to manually enable the HBA’s boot ROM and configure it within the HBA RBSU (ctrl-Q during boot) to add the target port and LUN, and choose primary port and secondary port.  With VC in the mix it would be silly to use this method because it is much more time consuming and harder to manage.




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