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Question About Logical Serial Numbers for blades

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Question About Logical Serial Numbers for blades

A customer question from Carlos:




Hi all, is possible to change the Serials numbers assigned to VC Profile with Firmware 3.10 without delete entire domain conf.

The customer installs 3 VC domain and put all of them in the same VC Serial Numbers range and has problems with Cloud Service Automation (CSA).




From David:




                The only way to use factory defaults in a VC profile for S.N., WWN or Mac is to use the ‘Advanced’ check box during a profile create.

It is only there during the profile create, not for copy or edit. That would mean changing WWNs and MACs, but you would not need to redo the Domain.


                The only other way would be to delete the Domain and start over, completely.




From Carlos:




Ok, but I need only change the Logical Serial Number of all Servers profiles of two Enclosures, not the WWN or MAC. Is possible to do that without modify the other things?

And the procedure that you mentioned is for FW 3.10?




Reply from David:




Yes, after you check the box, three options appear. Any combination of the three can be selected for factory default.

Selections would be grayed out if the factory defaults were selected at Domain creation(WWN, MAC or SN).


I believe it has been an option for a long time. Most do not realizes that it is available.


You can verify this by creating a test or template profile.

Just remember that a new profile will reserve new MACs & WWNs. That will affect SAN zoning, storage LUNs or MAC filtering.




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