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Question of BL460G8

New Member

Question of BL460G8

Good morning,

 I read in the QuickSpec's the bl460G8 and I can verify that to enable second expansion mezzanine module, need to install the second processor (Socket 2). I have understood that  did not have BL460G7 such "limitation" to the growth of connectivity to the bays of 5.6 and 7.8 of enclousure C7000. My questions are:

 Why now is a prerequisite?
 With this configuration would increase the cost of ownership?

 Please help! ..

 sorry my English is not very good

Honored Contributor

Re: Question of BL460G8



It's because the new Intel CPU has the PCI gen 3 chipset built in so there is no PCI chipset on the motherboard.  And i guess that the PCI chipset in the CPU can only handle one Mezz connection