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Question on Fabric Login redistribution

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Question on Fabric Login redistribution

Mark had a SAN login question:




When a SAN fabric uplink is restored, and after the stability period expires some server fabric logins will be redistributed to the restored port.


Is there any downtime on the connections experienced by the servers during this redistribution process?




Info from Chuck:




If you were to add an additional uplink to your SAN, that would also trigger automatic redistribution.


Technically redistribution doesn’t occur because of the failure of an uplink.  Any login being carried by a failed uplink would lose its connection and login again through an available uplink to that SAN. Whether or not you lose a connection depends on your redundancy, i.e. MPIO at the OS level.


Login redistribution occurs when you fix a failed uplink, or add an uplink to an existing group of connections for a SAN.  Losing connectivity during redistribution would depend on OS level redundancy like MPIO. Not all logins are redistributed.  It is a last on, first off algorithm. So if three connections are logged off, it will be the last three to have logged on to the SAN that will now be moved to the newly available uplink.




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