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Question on Memory Bus Speeds in the G7 Servers

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Question on Memory Bus Speeds in the G7 Servers

Don had a question on G7 memory speeds:






At what configuration level – number of slots used, does the bus speed in  the PC3 RAM start scaling back.  We have a requirement to provide 128GB per server and the bus speed must stay at 10600 MHz..  Using (16) 8Gb DIMMS (Low Voltage) achieves this but I am not sure if the bus does not down clock to 8500MHz. due to the number of chips required.






Scott chimed in:




With 2 processors the bus speed will be 1333MHz (with appropriate memory) for 12 DIMM’s (2 rows each proc). When you populate the 3rd row, speed drops to 800MHz.




Comments??? I hope they are talking the same thing. Memory bus speeds or Front-side bus speeds?? anyone know for sure?