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Question on using the Mezz 3 slot BL660c Gen8 / BL680c G7 servers

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Question on using the Mezz 3 slot BL660c Gen8 / BL680c G7 servers

Sudhir was asking about the Mezz 3 slot on 4-Processor blades:




Hi All,

We have a requirement to test to map all the 8 Interconnect module in a C7000 Enclosure using BL660c /BL680c  by populating 3 Mezzanine cards

Do we have any limitation in number of CPU population to ensure all the 3 Mezzanine cards can be used.

I understand that we have a similar limitation in BL460c G8 where we need to populate 2 CPUs to have the M1 and M2 mapped.




Input from Mark:

What is in a BL460c G8 (E5-2600 processor family) is not the same as in the BL660c Gen8/680c G7 (E5-4600 processor family). So the answer is no.


For BL460c G8, you will need 2nd Processor when you configure a MEZZ card in slot 2. The reason is that the E5-2600 processor family provides PCIe Gen3 control up to 40 lanes, and the first processor on BL460c Gen8 uses it 8 lanes for FlexibleLOM, and then 8 lanes for P220i and 16 lanes for MEZZ 1. So, there is no room for MEZZ 2 (PCIe Gen8 16 lanes) on 1st processor. The 2nd processor controls MEZZ 2.


Info from Vincent:

But you need the 2nd processor in the BL660c to use Mezz 3 according to the architecture block diagram.