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Question regarding the NC543i LOM onthe BL2x220c G7 blade

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Question regarding the NC543i LOM onthe BL2x220c G7 blade

Gil was looking for LOM info on the BL2X220c G7:




How you can change the physical function of the LOM from InfiniBand to Flex10 – the LOM is IB enabled even though it is connected to a Flex-10 module in the enclosure.


Someone know what is the key combination for accessing the NIC ROM.. I don’t have the manual(no access to the external  website ) nor  a server to check on .




Info from a couple of people:


Peng replied:

Whether NC543i act as InfiniBand or Flex-10 10Gb NIC depends on the interconnect installed.

And this configuration is done automatically.

  •   c7000 Enclosure Notes
  •          The NC543i automatically configures itself to match the personality of the switch module installed in bays 5 -8 (InfiniBand or Ethernet).

Monty also chimed in:

The mapping of the NC543i to either Infiniband or Ethernet is done automatically by the OA when the blade is inserted into the enclosure.  If the interconnect bay connected to the NC543i is Infiniband, the card is configured to Infiniband.  If the interconnect bays are empty or contain any single-wide Ethernet module, the card is configured to Ethernet.  This card is not compatible with the double-wide 10Gb XAUI Ethernet interconnect module.


To change the OA programming of that adapter from Infiniband to Ethernet – power off all the connected server blades, remove the interconnect and plug in the other interconnect module.  The OA will automatically rekey the NC543i on the servers to the correct mode.




As anyone tried to reconfigure the NC543i NIC ROM  to change things? It seems we haven't answered the original question of getting access to the NIC ROM. Unless Peng and Monty are saying there is no way to access and change the NIC ROM.