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Questions regarding Bios settings to optimize performance on Windows/Blades systems

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Questions regarding Bios settings to optimize performance on Windows/Blades systems

Patrick was looking for some optimization info:




I am looking for some extracts or documents which talks about BIOs settings to optimize performance for Windows/ Blades  systems generally speaking ?


If my question is too wide or if no documents of this type exists, do we have some elements regarding

BIOs settings to optimize performance for windows 2008 R2/HyperV on Blades 465c G6 or G7 ?


Thanks in advance for your responses..




Info from Jim:




Refer to :


HP ROM-Based Setup Utility User Guide


From RBSU;


Maximum Performance disables all power management options that may affect performance negatively.


It is a higher level setting that changes several sub-level power and SMI options such as;


Intel® QPI Link Power Management (G7 servers)

Minimum Processor Idle Power State (G7 servers)

Maximum Memory Bus Frequency (G7 servers)


Consider the following options as part of any deployment in low-latency OS kernel environments:

• Set the HP ProLiant Power Regulator Mode to Static High Mode.

• Disable Processor C-State Support. Options depend on the HP ProLiant server model and generation.

C-State Support options include the following:

    o C1E Support

    o AMD C1 Halt Support

    o Any other C-State modes, such as C3 or C6, that are enabled by the BIOS

• On HP ProLiant G6 servers utilizing Intel® Xeon® processors, disable QPI Power Management.

• Disable Intel® Turbo Boost on HP ProLiant G6 servers and server blades based on Intel® Xeon®



Starting with HP ProLiant G6 servers that utilize Intel® Xeon® processors, setting the HP Power Profile

Option in RBSU to Maximum Performance Mode sets these recommended additional low-latency options

for minimum BIOS latency.

All HP ProLiant G6 and later servers, regardless of the ROM version, support setting Intel® Turbo Boost

and C-States. HP ProLiant 100 Series and HP ProLiant SL servers do not support advanced features for iLO

Performance Monitoring and Memory Pre-Failure notification.




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