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Quick controller question on BL490c G7.

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Quick controller question on BL490c G7.

Keith had a BL490c storage controller question:




I see that the BL490c G7 has an embedded SATA RAID controller which provides RAID 0,1 with no cache.  Customer wants (2) internal SSDs with controller cache.  So, I would need to include the P712m SmartArray controller which comes with 256MB cache.  A few questions:


-          In the BL490c QuickSpecs,, under the Storage Controller section, there’s a note under the P712m which states:

  • NOTE: Provides RAID support on internal non-hot plug SSDs.


This implies that this controller would be required to do RAID1 on the internal SSDs….if this is the case, what’s the point of the embedded SATA RAID controller?



-          What’s the max amount of cache the P712m can have?  I think it’s 256MB.  I mean  the customer can’t order the P712m/256MB model (p/n:  488348-B21) and then add the 256MB upgrade for a total of 512MB, can they?




From Jeroen:




The embedded SATA RAID provided SATA Software RAID (via ROMBIOS setting to enable and the driver to provide Software RAID functionality through the driver in the OS).

The local SATA RAID does not provide any caching like P712m.

They can but its not supported/integration tested. 256MB cache should be sufficient in most cases where you just have 2 drives connected; officially the 256MB cache enabled as well the 2 external ports (per the QS).




Any other comments or help for Keith?