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RHEL5.10 install on BL460c Gen8

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RHEL5.10 install on BL460c Gen8

I'm trying to install RHEL5.10 on a gen8  BL460c in a C7000 chassis.

I can install 6.5 and rc7 with no problems and no errors, but when I install 5.10, it disappears into the ether, taking the boot disks with it.


Hardware; BL460c gen 8 blade with smart array, connected to ssd. 2x8core cpus, 384G RAM, Qlogic hba mezzanine card.

Software; rhel 5.10 rolled on our own pretty generic satellite server. the install image is an iso mounted via the LOM.


symptoms; the OS installs without showing a single error or problem. On reboot, the BIOS cannot find a bootable disk. Or, if I leave the rhel iso attached, grub also cannot find a bootable disk.


I can install rhel6 and rc7. Systemrescuecd can see the disks. But when booted into it, I cannot find the OS install.



1) where the heck is my installation? did it install to the ramdisk?

2) more importantly, what can I do to force and install via the smart array raid conrtoller to the mirrored ssds?

Jimmy Vance

Re: RHEL5.10 install on BL460c Gen8

Are you doing the install via kickstart or manually?


What disk device does teh installation show?


Where device does the installation show grub is being installed on?


If a boot device is configured in ORCA it is present.


I've installed 5.10 on a BL460c Gen8 without issue



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