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Rapid Deployment Pack (RDP) issue with multiple VLAN

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Rapid Deployment Pack (RDP) issue with multiple VLAN

Joseph had a customer question on RDP and PXE boot:




Could you please advise whether RDP supported on multiple VLAN environment? I am doing an installation for customer who has multiple environment like DHCP server - VLAN 10, Deployment server - VLAN 51, Client servers - VLAN 4, 8 etc. Currently I tried the deployment server with DHCP scope on VLAN 51, it worked for a testing server which was in VLAN 51. Similarly I tried for VLAN 10 provided from customer DHCP server scope, got IP while network boot but not received the PXE. Any suggestion?



*         Whether multiple VLAN environment supported in RDP.


*         Do we have any documented prerequisites for the RDP installation.




Input from Dan:




Not sure I understand the question.

if the NIC is only seeing one VLAN, then that VLAN must either have a DHCP server or helper.  The PXE server can be on any other VLAN as long as its routable from the DHCP VLAN.


Now if you have 2 different DHCP servers, one on your DHCP VLAN and a separate one on your PXE VLAN, and you are wondering why the DHCP one doesn't PXE boot, then you need to look at Option 61 I think which specifies the TFTP sever location.


If you have multiple VLANs (commonly called a trunk) going to the same NIC, throb you need one with DHCP to be "default" or in VC "untagged" because most NICs will not PXE boot over a tagged interface because the NIC BIOS doesn't understand VLAN tagging.




And from Steven:




So as Dan pointed out, and I think this is your issue, you will need to set up PXE helpers on the switches to forward the PXE requests to the PXE server as it is on a different VLAN (subnet).  This does work and we can support deployments across VLANs.  Also, as an alternative, you can install additional PXE servers onto those additional VLANs.  The PXE servers are an extension of the existing Deployment Server's PXE server and share (actually a copy of) the same PXE boot image.


Check these articles out -




Any other help for Joseph?