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Replacement disk not seen under Solaris


Replacement disk not seen under Solaris

Morning all.

I have a proliant BL460C G6 which has 2 disks set as 2 raid 0 disks with raid 1 mirroring running under Solaris 10. 

The first disk failed and had to be replaced and since the replacement Solaris has not been able to see the replacement disk under the format command. The server is currentlly booted off the second disk with the second disk set as bootable via ORCA. Could the first disk not being set as bootable be the reason why the disk is not seen by the OS ? 

Is there any way the first disk can be set as bootable while the OS is booted from the second disk?



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Re: Replacement disk not seen under Solaris

If a disk fails in a RAID0, all data is lost, drive is anavailable.

This does not change if you replace the disk.

You need to delete the logical drive and re-create it.

Hope this helps!

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