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SNMP MIBs Required

Trusted Contributor

SNMP MIBs Required

Kiran had a customer question on server MIBs:




Hi Experts,

Seems that the customer is not able to find MIBs specific for our BL460c & c7000 to integrate to their existing management tool.


Is there a site where we can point the customer to download the same?




David replied:




It would be unworkable to have individual MIBs for “BL460,” “DL380” and the like.  All of the ProLiant MIBs are in the form CPQ*.MIB.  Be aware that when compiling a MIB other MIBs might be named in the import statement, so they need to be present.  Here’s an example:



        compaq                  FROM CPQHOST-MIB

        enterprises             FROM RFC1155-SMI

        Counter                 FROM RFC1155-SMI

        DisplayString           FROM RFC1213-MIB

        OBJECT-TYPE             FROM RFC-1212

        TRAP-TYPE               FROM RFC-1215

        sysName                 FROM RFC1213-MIB

        cpqHoTrapFlags          FROM CPQHOST-MIB

        cpqSiServerSystemId     FROM CPQSINFO-MIB

        cpqSiMemModuleSize      FROM CPQSINFO-MIB;




Do you use the SNMP MIBs?