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SPP update methods recomendation?

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SPP update methods recomendation?

I need to update my enclosure c7000 with servers BL460c g8.

The question is: is there any other method to update my enclosure/blades i.e from OA EFM (Enclosure Firmware Management) or the two methods that is described in the the Service Pack for ProLiant Release Notes/Installation instructions

-    Online mode - Runs on a Windows or Linux hosted operating system
-    Offline mode - Server is booted to the ISO

are the only that is recomended?


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Re: SPP update methods recomendation?

offline updates firmware only, online can update firmware and drivers. Online can be done directly on the localhost or from remote.


>> Is there any other method ... ?

What else?



More details are here




Hope this helps!

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