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SR-IOV issue with BL 460 G8

Occasional Contributor

SR-IOV issue with BL 460 G8

I just recently deployed a hyper v cluster using 2012 R2 on Gen 8 460 blades and am experiencing issues with SR-IOV.



As per Microsoft recommendations a pair of SR-IOV enabled LOMs are presented to 2 virtual switchs.


The 2012 R2 vm's have 2 virtual network interfaces and are teamed.


All drivers and firmware are from the latest SPP.



So what happens.

The VM team works perfectly using vm queing.


Enabling SR-IOV on one member of the team works fine (obviously not recommended)

Enabling the second nic with SR-IOV also works fine, but the system won't reboot.


If I break the team then both virtual nics work fine.



On account this functionality works fine on other systems i have built there is obviously something going on in the HP side and going back through the forums it seems there is a long history of issues in this space..


Anyone able to advise what the trick to getting SR-IOV to work as intended in this scenario.