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Script for changing the hostname for all the blade servers in c7000 enclosure

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Script for changing the hostname for all the blade servers in c7000 enclosure

Vijay was looking to change the hostname for some blade servers:




I have a customer who has an install base of 500, BL 460c G8 servers installed in 32 c7000 enclosures. Customer has installed SLES 10 Update3 64bit OS for all these servers. In OA under Device Bays the hostname of all the servers is showing LINUX instead of actual hostname. The OA firmware is 3.55 which is the latest and also all servers FW.  Any solution to fix this issue or script which can be executed to change the hostname for all the servers thru OA as customer cannot login into every iLO of the blade server to change the iLO name?




From Dan:

HPONCFG for Linux

set_sever_name.xml from the iLO Scripting Sample Pack Little bit of extra code to put the actual server name in the xml before executing.


Input from Vinay:

You can change server host name as below steps. I have tested on the BL460c G7, hope same applies to Gen8 as well. For your reference , pls. find the snapshot as below.

1) Login to ILO
2) Go to Administration TAB
3) Select Access under settings
4)Click on Options
there you find the server name. Change the server name and apply.






Other suggestions?