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Server 2008r2SP2 Nic Teaming - GBE2C LACP - HP 8212

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Server 2008r2SP2 Nic Teaming - GBE2C LACP - HP 8212

Hi, I hope I can find some help and advice here. We are suffering from problems with our nic teaming with Server 2008r2 SP2 as operating system. We have continouing delays when connecting to shares. Now I found out that when disabling one network adapter in the team the problem does not occur. So there must be some problem in our configuration.


OS - Network Team - 2 NICs - Mode Automatic

2x GBE2C in the backend to which each one nic from the team is automatically connected

GBE2C Ports 21-24 from each switch end to a hp8212


Configuraton on each GBE2C:

/c/port 17/dis
/c/port 18/dis

/cfg/port 21/gig/speed 1000
/cfg/port 21/gig/mode full
/cfg/port 22/gig/speed 1000
/cfg/port 22/gig/mode full
/cfg/port 23/gig/speed 1000
/cfg/port 23/gig/mode full
/cfg/port 24/gig/speed 1000
/cfg/port 24/gig/mode full

/c/l2/lacp/port 21/mode active
/c/l2/lacp/port 21/adminkey 100
/c/l2/lacp/port 22/mode active
/c/l2/lacp/port 22/adminkey 100
/c/l2/lacp/port 23/mode active
/c/l2/lacp/port 23/adminkey 100
/c/l2/lacp/port 24/mode active
/c/l2/lacp/port 24/adminkey 100

/c/ufd/fdp/ltm/addkey 100
/c/ufd/fdp/ltd/addport  1
/c/ufd/fdp/ltd/addport  2
/c/ufd/fdp/ltd/addport  3
/c/ufd/fdp/ltd/addport  4
/c/ufd/fdp/ltd/addport  5
/c/ufd/fdp/ltd/addport  6
/c/ufd/fdp/ltd/addport  7
/c/ufd/fdp/ltd/addport  8
/c/ufd/fdp/ltd/addport  9
/c/ufd/fdp/ltd/addport 10
/c/ufd/fdp/ltd/addport 11
/c/ufd/fdp/ltd/addport 12
/c/ufd/fdp/ltd/addport 13
/c/ufd/fdp/ltd/addport 14
/c/ufd/fdp/ltd/addport 15
/c/ufd/fdp/ltd/addport 16


Configuration on HP8212:



the corresponding ports are also configured as trunk ports.


If I set the teaming to 802.3ad the network connection is not possible. When in automatic mode ist sets itself to TLB.


What can be wrong in this configuraton?

Thank you very much.

Best regards...