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Server Blade Type: Bay Subsumed

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Server Blade Type: Bay Subsumed

Mehul had a question:




What is the meaning of “Server Blade Type: Bay Subsumed” in show all log ?

I found this status for 4 blade servers in the show all log.




Dave replied:




                ‘Subsumed’ is an indication of a multi-bay server like the BL8x0 i2.

The ‘Server’ bay is the left most upper bay, with the ‘Subsumed’ being the other half height sections.

I.E. the BL860 i2 takes up two bays, the BL870 i2 uses 4 bays and the BL890 i2 fills in 8 half height bays.

Only one bay shows as server, the other 7 would be ‘Subsumed’ by the master bay.




Any other comments or questions?