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Shutdown blade server

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Shutdown blade server


In BladeSystem C3000 Enclosure(8 bladeservers ProLiant BL 460c G7) shutdown 2 blade server (Bay 4 and 8).  Only 2 of these servers are permanently shutdown. Thought that the problem with power supplies, but after replacing the situation has not changed. To re-run the server only helps to pull out the blade and put back.

Before shutting down in the logs OA record: 

OA: Blade in bay 8 has been powered down
OA: Blade in bay 8 has been powered on
OA: Blade 8 has been allocated 280 watts but iLO is reporting the blade is powered off. 

Logs iLO:

Server power loss caused by: voltage regulator. Attempt to restore server power in 8 seconds. 

Power on request received by: Automatic Power Recovery.

Server power removed. 

Firmware OA: 4.80

Firmware blade:

iLO3: 1.89

Power Managment Controlle: 1.6


Re: Shutdown blade server

Hi - lords100  

Do you have another bay empty to change, only test the bay ?



FabioC1 - HPE Pro

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Re: Shutdown blade server

Hello,  FabioC1 !

Installed in 3 bay and no problems were observed

C3000 connected to Smart-UPS RT 20000 XL