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Smart Array controllers and Solid State Drives (SSD)

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Smart Array controllers and Solid State Drives (SSD)

A question from Rino in the field around which Smart Array controller to use with SSDs.


The question:


If you install the P700m or P712m Smart Array controllers in the BL490c can you configure the internal SSD drives with H/W Raid?  The quick specs are not clear if the P700m or P712m Smart Array controllers can be used in this way.  If it’s a supported configuration is there an internal cable required to make the connections to the P700m or P712m Smart Array controllers?  Your guidance would be much appreciated.


The answer from Arnaud:


Only the P712m Smart Array controller today. The P700m is used for external SAS only.


Re: Smart Array controllers and Solid State Drives (SSD)

THere is a default SATA cable in the box with the SSD drive to connect to the P712M controller. In earlier KITS this cable was a little bit to short; on all new KITs the cable is long enough. If you have a kit where the SATA cable is just to short; call in to HP and reference the original KIT ordered and the date and ask for the longer cable as available in KIT: 490820-001

P712m works by the way in both Mezz. slots in the BL490cG6.

P700m controllers should ONLY be used for connectivity towards the 3GB SAS switch for connectivity to possible Direct Attached SAS storage to this 3GB SAS switch (like MDS600). Or MSA20xxsa

Cheers, Jeroen
(I am an HP Employee and CI Ambassador)