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Solaris 10 deployment on BL460 G7

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Solaris 10 deployment on BL460 G7

Johan was having Solaris issues:




I have a customer that runs Solaris on Proliant, now we are migrating from G5 Proliants to the new G7 models and we are also moving to a boot from SAN environment.


Installing the OS from their Jumpstart server seems to work OK but when the server reboots after the installation the OS will not load.


The server starts OK in failsafe mode but when booting into Solaris it shows the blue screen with the Oracle/Solaris logo for about 5 min, then the server reboots.


The Solaris environment is Solaris 10 update 10. They have tested both with the embedded drivers from th OS image and HP Support Pack for Solaris 8.70, this mostly due to the boot from SAN and NC551i CNA driver requirement.


Any inputs are welcome, we are stuck right now.




From Marc:




As you can see on the certification web site HP has not certified Oracle Solaris on Update 10 (8/11) on any ProLiant server (  So the big take away is that you should use 9/10 (Update 9) or wait until Update 10 (8/11) is certified and supported.  Also you need to consult the options tab as not all options (in this case NICs) are supported.


We struggle certifying and supporting Oracle Linux because Oracle will not provide code until GA.  This causes HP to play catch-up for the next 6-9 months.  Our understanding is that this policy goes across all OEMs so only Oracle has a time to market hardware advantage.


So my advice is to deploy with Update 9 or wait on certification and support for Update 10 (wish I could provide a date, but we just don’t know )




Any suggestions for Johan?