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Some G7 ILO's failing

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Some G7 ILO's failing

Ron waas looking for help with some G7 issues:




Has anyone had issues scripting ILO3 configurations?  


We are trying to automate a new server build and have just moved from the G6s with ILO2 to the G7s with ILO3 and are having an issue where the hponcfg.exe is not configuring the settings from the hpilo_config.xml file.   Should the hpocfg.exe work for the ILO3 as well as the ILO2 or is there another method we should be using to script the ILO3 configuration?




Erik also had some of the same issues:




My customer has the same problems while setting the iLO 3 configuration with LOCFG.PL under Linux and under Windows R2.


Setting the server name is working, but as soon you try to alter the network configuration iLO 3 just hangs up. We have to remove the power cables to reset the iLO 3 board and to enable access again.


I have opened support case: 4617787889, but I did not get any solution from support yet.


Used servers are a DL380 G7 and DL580G7. iLO FW is 1.0.5.


Any help is appreciated.




David suggested a fix:




I think you need ilo3 fw 1.15 to fix it:




Any issues on your G7 servers with iLO3? Let us know.